Mary is desperate to convince Sherlock not to tell John anything, so her first method is to hopefully convince him through discussion.

If that doesn’t work, then she hopes to scare him into silence with…

Can you enlighten me though as to when, exactly, has Mary ‘tried to convince him with discussion?’

Because as I recall, since the first moment she was found out by Sherlock she pointed a gun at him and refused his help when he offered? So when did she try discussing things?

Secondly: if it is like you say, and Mary thought Sherlock might hurt her as a revenge, WHY THE HELL DID SHE GO LOOK FOR HIM WHERE SHE KNEW SHE WAS VERY LIKELY TO FIND HIM? He did say he planted the information in her mind because he knew she would understand that was where he’d be? Why would she go if she thought he was dangerous?

You shouldn’t count the first moment. During that moment, her only goal was to get out of dodge before John came upstairs and learned her secret. She had zero time to stand there and have a discussion with Sherlock. She bought herself some time buy shooting Sherlock and leaving.

Her first attempt at trying to convince Sherlock to keep her secret was at the hospital. But then Sherlock up and left.

So with your second question…well,why wouldn’t she go look for Sherlock? Nothing about her situation has changed. She still needs to keep her secret from John and she still needs to know what her husband’s best friend aka the guy she shot is going to do.

Obviously, the right thing for her to have done is to come clean. Or to just accept Sherlock’s help and try to figure a way out of the Magnussen mess together. But all she saw was the truth causing her to lose the man she loves.

…And that justifies her shooting Sherlock, who was supposed to be her friend and who was unarmed and was NOT threatening her?

In no way, shape, or form does this justify Mary’s shooting of Sherlock, nor did anything in my message suggest that it did. What Mary did was wrong.

Any defense of Mary that I (or many other Mary “defenders) have is less about justifying her actions and more about understanding her desperation…and why John and Sherlock were willing to forgive and even eventually save her from Magnussen.

Right, ok. So if someone in need of money to feed their family kills a rich person to get their money, would you discount them too, because they are desperate? Or would you send them to jail?

I can’t help but feel this question is a bit invalid, since I already stated previously that this isn’t about justifying (or discounting) Mary’s decision to shoot Sherlock.

So I’ll answer your question with another question. Do you feel Sherlock is “discounts” Mary’s actions?



Mary is desperate to convince Sherlock not to tell John anything, so her first method is to hopefully convince him through discussion.

If that doesn’t work, then she hopes to scare him into silence with threats. Shitty thing to do, yes. But she’s desperate.

I also would think that after shooting a man who then leaves the hospital without telling anyone, to go to a location where he knows she’ll find him, and plastering her face on the side of the building… I think anyone would think to bring protection. Mary really has no idea what Sherlock has in store for her. He could have been seeking revenge for all she knew.


Why couldn’t Mary just have knocked Sherlock out like she did with Magnussen and Janine? Correct me if I’m being dumb here, but why was shooting him the only option?

The point was to buy herself some time. Knocking Sherlock out would mean he would be unconscious for possibly only a few moments (Look how quickly Magnussen woke up), where he would then tell John her secret, and she would lose the man she loved.

If she really wanted to kill Sherlock, she could have shot him in the head there. Or, since Sherlock mentioned she had to keep John from becoming a suspect, expertly snuffed him out in his hospital bed. But she didn’t. It was all about coming up with some time to convince Sherlock not to tell John about her.

Look…I’m not really trying to bash anyone’s opinion about Mary Watson…

But yes, so far I don’t believe Mary is evil because Sherlock doesn’t think so. And I don’t believe the actors do either.

From Amanda Abbington <about Mary>:

She doesn’t want to lose John and she knows if this secret ever gets out she’ll lose him. “

“And she does say ‘Look if you come anywhere near me, I’ll kill you’ and he sees this slight wobble of the hand and he thinks that she won’t but I do, but I don’t kill him.”

I think of this next line whenever I hear people insist that Mary was trying to kill Sherlock, but failed:

She doesn’t kill him, she wounds him. And then calls the police and the ambulance and runs off. I imagine she rushes home, she gets rid of all her kit and she rushed to the hospital, and she knows she hasn’t killed him…”

This next statement from Amanda is important because of so many people have decided to read Mary’s facial expression at the hospital as disappointment that Sherlock survived:

“When John says ‘And YOU I have to keep my eye on you because the first word that Sherlock says is Mary’, it’s like ‘Okay, okay…this is good.’ So this, so… I’ve got to…she has to manage the next part of this story. She knows that Sherlock isn’t going to say anything at that moment. He’s going to bide his time.”

From Benedict Cumberbatch <about Mary>:

She has a care and love for a man that goes well beyond the darkest episodes and chapters of her past and Sherlock can see that.”

“Despite the big lie of her identity, everything she does she tries to do to conceal her identity to save her love for her man, so he can see the sacrifice.

—-From Sherlock Uncovered

This is how the actors read the script and interpreted these characters.

This is how they chose to portray it, at least so far. Of course there could be a script being written as we speak that can very us into a completely different direction.

But for now I see nothing that suggests that Mary wanted to kill Sherlock, or Sherlock knows Mary is really evil and is just pretending to like her until the big reveal.

But our theories are just theories, folks. All  our analyzation of lighting,  facial ticks, actor statements and character comments aren’t going to change the fact that we’ll probably know NOTHING until 2016.